English Luxury Home Surrey, UK

Residential Automation comes to the English Countryside

This luxury five-bedroom home, with additional staff living area in the basement, is located in Virginia Water, Surrey, UK. It was commissioned by a South African businessman that had used Leviton in a previous home in South Africa and was pleased with its performance and functionality.

Redlight Installation assembled twelve cabinets off-site containing sixty-seven Leviton Omni-Bus lighting dimmers, along with the Leviton Lumina Pro controller enclosure, Leviton Hi-Fi 8×8 multiroom audio system, and a general cabinet to house items such as the CoolMaster AC interface. Leviton Omnibus lighting dimmers, in groups of 9 per cabinet, were pre-assembled off-site. The lighting schedule details every dimmer’s ID, load, location, type, etc.

Redlight Installation went to great lengths to ensure that the lighting system would be as effective and efficient as was possible. They tested every different type of fitting in advance at their workshop to find the most suitable Omni-Bus dimmer considering minimum load, number of fittings, total power, brightness, dimming curve, dimming quality and the room they are in.

They also tested the effectiveness of the chosen 12V DC lighting PIRs, and opted to connect these to the Leviton Lumina, so that any automation could be triggered via movement and different events could occur depending on which time of day, week, month or year it was. For instance, the grand staircase illuminates as you walk up or down. Additionally, four sets of curtains in the master bedroom are controlled via a Leviton integration with Somfy.

Leviton Equipment List:

1 x Lumina Pro automation control (main)
9 x RC-1000 thermostats and temp gauges
67 x Omni-Bus 900W Dimmers
37 x Omni-Bus Wall Switches white finish (2 -6 button)
5 x Omni-Bus Power Supply Units
2 x Snap-Link Mobile App
4 x OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreen
1 x Hi-Fi 2 Eight Zone, Eight Source Audio Distribution System

Integrated Equipment:

1 x Mitsubishi CoolMaster aircon interface
4 x Motorised Somfy 240V blinds/ curtains
4 x URC MX5000 Wi-Fi Remote Controls




The installers specified the Leviton system from distributor Aldous Systems to control six rooms of standard underfloor heating which amounted to twelve manifold zones, two zones of radiators (basement and first-floor guest bedrooms) and one zone of three-stage heating/ cooling for the master bedroom. In all, nine Leviton RC-1000 thermostats were utilized for HVAC control. The thermostats were located centrally next to the boiler room and utilize extended range temperature sensors.

The main rooms on the ground floor comprise eight zones of Leviton multiroom audio utilizing the Hi-Fi Eight Zone, Eight Source system. These zones are fed with the sound from two Sky boxes, a DAB tuner, Sonos Connect, and the sound from all four HDTVs. Four Leviton OmniTouch Touchscreens, in addition to four URC remote controls, are utilized to control the entire home.

Utlimately, the client is very pleased with the results of the Leviton automation system, especially since the installers went above and beyond. For example, they customized the master bedroom touchscreen to give a range of preset scenes for reading and watching TV, and included the ability to change user settings such as the amount of time for which the bathroom lights and fans could stay on. The client can monitor and control many features of the Leviton system from his residences abroad using Leviton’s remote access software.