Enjoy accessing your music library in all rooms on-demand, you can control this via wall panel or mobile device from anywhere within the home. Access your music library, world-wide radio stations and Television or Blu-ray audio through the in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. Intelligent automation ensures that the audio is all switched off when you leave the house.


View your sky boxes, Set top box, media or Blu-ray player on any Television throughout the home. Enjoy watching full HD, 4K or 3D resolution, while the devices are discretely hidden elsewhere.


The speakers that are built in to a new television are not suitable for many rooms due to acoustics… and the manufactures cannot possibly know what your room is like in terms of furnishings, size and shape. Specifically chosen ADDITIONAL integrated speakers installed by professionals enable the sound quality to be at its optimum for the designated space and the listener to enjoy the whole experience much more.

Sound sources can be available in one room, a grouped area or the whole house simultaneously and your favourite music, radio, films and other media is shared throughout the home with no need for complicated controls.


Video content can be distributed around the home via the home’s structured cable infrastructure, that means there is no need for clutter or cables in each room, a single HD video source can be shared to every rooms television and all cabling is hidden out of harm’s way . Content like cameras, media servers, Sky boxes, networked hard drive content or CCTV can be available on all televisions or a projector screen simultaneously or individually. All this can be done while still maintaining the HD video resolution whether its Full HD, 4K or 3D.